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Innerspring mattresses feature coiled metal springs layered between sheets of foam, fibers and padding. Foam mattresses typically do not contain the spring layer, but instead substitute higher-density foams for springs to provide back support at a lower cost or better quality. For example, our starting Sertapedic twin has a foam support core. On the other hand, some of our highest priced most luxury products have all foam Talalay latex support cores instead of innerspring. *Serta proudly features a 100% Talalay latex foam core in its Vera Wang by Serta® Specialty Collection and Pure Response® by Serta Collection*. Our extensive mattress selection from Serta includes traditional to advanced innerspring, memory foam and Talalay latex foam mattresses.

Some popular examples are:

Free Flex™ Innerspring (Perfect Day) is one of the most advanced innerspring systems today. It is engineered so that zones of single and double rows of coil copy the body’s shape. This invigorates you by allowing proper spinal alignment that is required throughout the night. Its durability is notable as no matter what, the springs bounce back into shape.

Continuous Support™ Innerspring (Perfect Sleeper) features rows of continuous coil that run head-to-toe (rather than side-to-side), providing support along the entire length of the body. This mechanism helps to maintain natural spinal alignment when you are asleep.

Verticoil Premier™ Innerspring (Sertapedic) is the patent-pending coil design that provides 35% increased surface coverage when compared to most other value priced innerspring systems. This means an increased ability to react and conform to the individual contours of the body.

Serta Latex (Perfect Day) features popular breathable Latex foam that is naturally anti-microbial and allergen-free to make sure you sleep healthy. The advanced construction of this foam makes it possible for air to flow through easily, so it will preserve its resilience, at the same time providing superior pressure relief to help avoid tossing and turning.

Memory Foam (Perfect Sleeper) is top-of-the-line and designed to support your body in comfort as it relaxes pressure points. The result is no more tossing and turning which means a peaceful, undisturbed sleep.


Courtesy of Sleep and Comfort Products. www.sleepandcomfortproducts.com
  • Comfort

    To keep you well-rested and ache-free, a mattress must be comfortable at all contact points. When a mattress softly cushions every bone in your body, your sleep will be best.

  • Support

    Mattresses should be firm enough to align your body correctly while you sleep; If your mattress doesn't provide enough support, then your neck and back may be sore when you wake.

  • Size

    The six standard mattress sizes that you can choose from are:

    • Twin: 39" W x 75" L
    • Extra Long Twin: 39" W x 80" L
    • Full/Double: 53" W x 75" L
    • Queen: 60" W x 80" L
    • King: 78" W x 80" L (Eastern King)
    • California King: 72" W x 84" L

All sizes are approximate and the actual mattresses may be a 1" or so shorter.

  • Serta234Ticking- The outermost layer of mattresses are made usually with a cotton-polyester blend. Most of our mattresses are an upgrade and have highly woven damask covers. Some premium models offer organic cotton covers treated with aloe for a luxurious feel. In addition, select Perfect Day models such as Penumbra and Nebula are proud to offer Smart Support. Smart Support is a specially formulated material that is medically proven to provide pressure relief, targeted support and spinal alignment, all in one material. It features columns of soft, elastic material which intelligently sense when to remain firm and when to comfortably release. These columns also respond individually to each person regardless of weight or sleeping position for customized sleep, comfort and support. Not only this, but the material is also temperature neutral as a result of complete air flow through layers of comfort components. This completely new material invented for mattresses since memory foam in the 1970's is virtually indestructible and lasts for years. It is the preferred choice for critical care patients as well.

    Organic Cotton Cover enhanced with Aloe Vera (Vera Wang Collection) is naturally soft, environmentally sound and allergen-free enabling you to sleep comfortably all through the night. This fabric receives an Aloe Vera treatment, which is known to have a significant effect on energy levels. The treatment is responsible for creating a smooth silky finish with hydrating qualities that help stimulate a feeling of wellbeing and rejuvenation.

    FireBlocker™ (Perfect Sleeper, Perfect Day, Sertapedic, Vera Wang) features a layer comprised of a blend of natural and synthetic fibers that slows the spread of open flames into a mattress. You can now sleep with a peaceful mind as your family’s safety is taken care of. All Serta mattresses contain FireBlocker™, an exclusive open-flame retardant system.

  • Quilting and Top Padding- Mattresses have a few layers of padding underneath the ticking. Most mattresses have quilting made of foam or batting. Batting provides uniform softness. Our high-quality mattresses are made with luxurious blends of high quality anti-microbial micro fibers and KoolComfort™ for the ultimate in comfort leading to a deep, cooler sleep.With BeyondComfort™ (Vera Wang), you will find ½” Temperature Latex in the quilt layer (known as ‘Cellsion Latex’). This greatly assists in absorbing and releasing heat as and when needed. It’s perfect for the changing weather conditions.Advanced Comfort Quilt™ (Perfect Sleeper, Perfect Day) is a unique quilt layer is especially tailored to cushion every part of the body while improving circulation at the shoulders, arms and hips. Advanced Comfort Quilt™ is perfect for minimizing tossing and turning for a comfortable sleep.

  • Middle Padding- Middle padding usually starts with convoluted foam, which feels softer than a flat slab of the same foam type. Convoluted foam spreads weight over a wider surface area, and the result is enhanced comfort. Other padding options include garnetted cotton (thick wads of batting that provide loft but compress quickly) and more foam layers of varied thickness and density. In our mattresses we offer great combinations of high-resiliency foam, latex core, and latex topper. The different layers of foam provide support and cushioning to give you the best sleep possible.KoolComfort™ (Perfect Day) or Talalay Latex Cushions (Vera Wang) is a luxurious 2 ½” layer of Serta exclusive memory foam brings to us superior support and pressure relief. Numerous cushions of this foam work in unison to wrap you in comfort while dynamically drawing heat away from your body for a cooler, more restful sleep. It works like a charm, because of the unique open-cell structure of this foam that allows it to breathe up to 95% more than other foams. It also keeps retains its durability throughout the life of the mattress, unlike competitive foam mattresses that cannot always stand the test of time and lose their resilience. Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial protection is engineered into this foam which also makes it a very hygienic and healthy option.

  • Insulated Padding- Insulated padding lies right on top of the springs to prevent them from being felt while you sleep. Common insulated fabric materials include matted fabric, plastic fibers, and coco padding (made from coconut husk fibers). Coco padding makes mattresses feel stiffer. Alternatives include plastic webbing and metal grids that may lie directly on top of springs to prevent them from destroying the pad above.

  • Extra Support- At the edges of the mattress extra dense foam adds extra support to the mattress, giving you a good place to sit and put on your slippers in the morning.Foam Encasement (Perfect Sleeper, Perfect Day, Sertapedic) is exclusive to Serta and it offers the edge support of this advanced and encasement design. This durable design gives lasting strength while extending the sleeping surface and eliminating edge ‘roll-off’.

  • Coils- Premium queen size mattresses offer between 500 to 1533 coils, while lower end mattresses offer approximately 400 coils. Coils are configured in a number of different ways; possible coil configurations include hourglass, individual pockets and sense and respond coils. Our high-end innerspring mattresses feature superior support from their helical and alternating coil technology that equally balances weight impact from head to toe of the mattress.Verticoil Premier™ Innerspring (Sertapedic), Continuous Support™ Innerspring (Perfect Sleeper), Free Flex™ Innerspring (Perfect Day) are some of the exclusive and effective technologies used by Serta. They are extremely reliable and renowned.

  • Box Spring- The box spring can provide extra support and stability. As simply a wooden frame covered with boards, a wooden frame with springs or a metal frame with springs, box springs generally work better when purchased as a set since the sets are designed to work together. Our boxspring and mattress sets provide the ultimate combination of support and cushioning, engineered to compliment each other for the best sleeping experience you'll ever have. StablBase™ Double Beam Foundation (Perfect Sleeper, Perfect Day, Sertapedic) provides uniform support across the bottom of the mattress and reliable durability to the entire sleep set. The advanced construction isolates the impact of one sleep partner’s movements which allows the other person to sleep undisturbed.

  • Memory FoamOur mattresses feature luxurious NASA engineered body-conforming support from a layer of visco-elastic memory foam. With this specially designed top layer the sleeping surface can adapt exactly to your body's form -- it responds and reshapes itself while you move, providing unparalleled whole-body support. Only Serta has anti-microbial treated KoolComfort™ memory foam that breathes up to 95% more than other foams. The result – an elimination of heat, which is usually associated with memory foam for a cooler night sleep. Some of our products also offer Latex Foam - breathable, naturally anti-microbial and allergen-free, this uniquely constructed foam allows air to move easily through. Latex is known for its long lasting durability and unparalleled ability to offer pressure relief, reduce tossing and turning.

    Finally, we offer Beyond Comfort™ Latex Foam: Exclusive to Serta, it cools down a warm body and heats up a cool body.

    See www.serta.com Vera Wang collections for details.

    See www.serta.com for examples Advanced Comfort Quilt™, which is Serta exclusive.

  • Allergen ReductionStatistics tell us that 70% of asthma in the home can be attributed to an allergen present in the excretia from house mites. It is also a fact that the number of people, especially children, who are affected by this allergen rises dramatically each year. The incredible covers of our Sleep and Comfort SC-1 mattresses provide allergy relief by actively repelling dust with its anti-microbial dust mite barrier. We're confident that after you read our selection tips, investigate the quality of our mattresses' construction, compare our prices and free white glove shipping offer to other mattress dealers, you won't be satisfied with anything less. Our best advice is to call our trained team of mattress specialists, toll-free, with questions.

    70% of asthma in the home can be attributed to an allergen caused by house mites.